Seattle Chemical Grout Injection Concrete Wall waterproofing

Lack of positive side waterproofing, failed positive side waterproofing, settling, moving joints, honeycombing, and foundation cracks can all lead to water intrusion. Once this intrusion begins, it takes only 48 hours for mildew to form. Prolonged intrusion can lead to the development of dangerous molds, rot, and possible structural damage.

With extensive expertise in negative side waterproofing, Injectech uses state-of-the-art Grace/Deneef chemical grout injection materials and methods to stop leaks and seal your basement permanently. All of the grouts we use are non-toxic once cured and potable water- approved.

Our methods and materials produce the highest quality and most reliable repairs in the concrete industry. They eliminate the need for the costly and intrusive excavation of your foundation as well. You will not have to demolish your basement to install drainage systems that, over time, will clog and back up. With Injectech’s chemical grouting repair, water will flow naturally and safely around your home.

Among our services:

  • Surface Repair. Repairing the damaged surface of concrete can restore the structural function, protect the surface itself and the underlying concrete. Deeper problems often begin by creeping in through surface damage, making surface protection and repair a valuable investment in your structure’s future. Systems for surface repair include overlayment, resurfacing, formed repairs, cast-in-place repairs, and shotcrete.
  • Protection. An ounce here may well be worth more than a pound down the road. Coatings, sealers, membranes, liners, cathodic protection and overlays can all help prevent problems before they start.
  • Waterproofing. Water is concrete’s most persistent enemy and one that invades any weakness in any structure, burrowing in through cracks, joints, failed water stops, and other surface damage. Replacement joints and sealants, waterproofing membranes, and crack grouting are among the weapons Injectech uses in the fight to stop water intrusion.
  • Strengthening. An already damaged member or structure, or one which is a likely candidate for damage, can be helped through the addition of steel, FRP composite systems, concrete and other materials. At Injectech, we will use the best, most precise method to strengthen your structure.

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