Residential Services

Protect your home. At Injectech, we offer the same services—and the same expertise, dedication, and commitment honed on large-scale commercial projects—to homeowners and residential investors. Waterproofing, structural protection and repair, and soil stabilization services are performed in the least intrusive method, and often at a discounted residential rate.


Basement Waterproofing

Lack of positive side waterproofing, failed positive side waterproofing, settling, moving joints, honeycombing, and foundation cracks can all lead to water intrusion. Once this intrusion begins, it takes only 48 hours for mildew to form. Prolonged intrusion can lead to the development of dangerous molds, rot, and possible structural damage.

With extensive expertise in negative side waterproofing, Injectech uses state-of-the-art Grace/Deneef chemical grout injection materials and methods to stop leaks and seal your basement permanently. All of the grouts we use are non-toxic once cured and potable water- approved.

Our methods and materials produce the highest quality and most reliable repairs in the concrete industry. They eliminate the need for the costly and intrusive excavation of your foundation as well. You will not have to demolish your basement to install drainage systems that, over time, will clog and back up. With Injectech’s chemical grouting repair, water will flow naturally and safely around your home.

Foundation Repair

The foundation of your home is, in many ways, the foundation of your life, the rock on which everything is built and on which so much depends. Comfort and stability, raising a family, the single largest investment most people will ever make—all of these things rest on a home’s foundation. At Injectech, we take great pride in working with home owners and residential investors on the structural repair and rehabilitation of this all-important layer of concrete. 

Our expert staff is experienced in the mitigation of structural cracking, bowing walls, settling, and stabilization issues.

1. Structural Crack Repair:

  • Structural cracks in the foundation of a home should be addressed immediately. These cracks generally worsen and can develop into extremely costly repairs. Injectech uses the most advanced and least intrusive methods to structurally repair cracks and return your foundation to its correct monolithic form and integrity.
  • Epoxy injection teamed with carbon fiber staples is the main technology we employ.The epoxy injection ensures that the structure is returned to its intended monolithic state and the carbon fiber staples arrest future movement. This is a permanent repair which returns the structural integrity and value to a home.

2. Bowed Walls:

  • Basement walls overloaded with lateral forces (typically from pressing soil) will, despite high tensile strength, bow, causing serious damage and destroying structural integrity. With the use of specifically engineered carbon fiber strapping and epoxies, Injectech will permanently arrest the lateral movement of walls, protecting the structural integrity and value of your home.

3. Foundation Settling and Stabilization:

  • Foundation settling may not be indicative of a problem with the foundation itself. In rare cases, yes, under-designed and/or misplaced footings might be the culprit. Far more often, foundation settling is the result of soil that cannot adequately bear the load of the structure. Improper soil preparation, loose backfilling, voids, erosion, and seismic liquefaction can all contribute to foundation settling.
Soil Stabilization
Injectech uses chemical grout injection methods and materials to address the root of the problem: the soil itself. We have two methods by which we stabilize soils and the structures they support:


1. Permeation grouting.

  • Liquid resin is injected into the ground and allowed to soak through the soil, before reacting and curing. This resin, controlled with catalysts to achieve effective travel, moves through the soil, filling voids and sinkholes. Once it has reacted and cured, it swells and creates an environmentally friendly safe mass that will increase the load-bearing capacity of the soil and will also control ground water.

2. Compaction grouting.

  • This is the pressured injection of cementitious materials or expanding polyurethane gels and foams into the earth to stabilize soils. Pipes and/or probes are first driven into the areas of concern. Then the material is injected. This method is designed to fill the immediate area with a large mass that will expand and compact the surrounding soils as well as displace water and fill voids.

Both of these methods allow us to:

  • Increase footing size
  • Increase soil density
  • Prevent soil movement
  • Increase load-bearing capacity
  • Drive out surrounding water
  • Fill sinkholes
  • Compact loose fill
  • Reduce soil permeability
  • Stop soil liquefaction
  • Control erosion
  • Strengthen, stabilize, and solidify the soil

Other benefits include:

  • No excavation necessary
  • No slab removal or building demolition
  • Minimal disruption
  • Does not compromise other parts of the structure
  • Repairs are undetectable after completion
  • Lower cost than pier or pile methods
  • Will not corrode, erode, or deteriorate over time