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Seattle Concrete Repair, Restorations, and Protection

Injectech LLC

What We Do

Injectech is a specialty repair contracting firm that provides construction and consulting services to commercial property owners, businesses, and contractors. Our area of expertise is concrete waterproofing, soil stabilization and concrete restoration. We are committed to providing the best value to our clients by developing and implementing innovative processes to solve demanding engineering and design challenges.

Experience Matters

Injectech LLC has provided consultation and project execution for several of the largest concrete restoration projects in the Pacific Northwest for over a decade. Injectech’s teams are known for providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to the region’s most challenging concrete problems.

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Quality Guarantee

Injectech brings experience and reliable teams to the table on every project. This standard of project management excellence allows for us to back our work with our Quality Guarantee. We will work carefully with your team to understand the problems at hand so that our solution meets every aspect of the challenge.

About Injectech

Our Services

Chemical Grout Injection

Injectech utilizes the latest technology in the field of Chemical Grout Injection. Our high pressure injection system ensures full coverage of polyurethane grout that will block and prevent any areas of water intrusion.

Concrete Restoration

Injectech has the capability and experience to repair common failures and other problems concerning concrete. This includes the repair and restoration of concrete spalling, cracking, and other modes of failure.

Soil Stabilization

Injectech has the ability to inject polyurethane chemicals within the matrix of the soil in order to prevent collapse and allow for safe excavation of manholes and other related projects.

Concrete Waterproofing

Injectech serves the greater Seattle area with solutions to any and all things related to leaking, cracked, and otherwise compromised watertight integrity of the concrete.

Residential Services

Injectech is a trusted brand that serves homeowners and leasing companies with solutions to leaking basements, flooding basements, and other water intrusion problems in apartment buildings and parking garages.

Basement Waterproofing

Seattle is known for its rain and with rain comes leaks and flooding. Injectech works to repair your home and prevent future water damage. Most jobs are simple to complete and we will be happy to come and assess your home’s repair needs.

Elevator Pit Repair

We at Injectech specialize in Elevator Pit Repair and waterproofing. If you need your lift back in service, the most trusted and efficient way to get your elevator back in working order will be to call us today!

No Commitment, Consultations.

Injectech LLC will send out one of our expert staff members to discuss your project needs. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions to the biggest concrete restoration problems.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“From beginning to end, Morgan and his team were a pleasure to work with -- we would certainly work with them again and we highly recommend them. Our project was an intermittent flooding issue in our converted basement. Communication was clear throughout the project -- Morgan listened carefully to understand what we needed and the various quirks of our house. He took time to explain his solution in detail, and clearly answered our questions. He and his team were professional and kind, taking great care with the space and going above and beyond what we expected in terms of sealing our foundation and other parts of the basement (e.g.: while he was here, he also fixed a threshold issue that we'd been intending to deal with for years). This house project was a pleasure. It has rained hard several times since the project completed and everything has remained gloriously dry.”

Kimberly C.

“We were very happy that Injectech was available to start the waterproofing within a day of contacting HomeAdvisor. Morgan was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain the process and answer our questions. We were very happy with him and all of his crew - and with the work they did. We have had quite a few big rainstorms following the work and so far our basement has remained dry.”

Patricia M.

“Morgan and his team are extremely trustworthy, conscientious, and easy to work worth. Morgan explained exactly what caused our flooded lower level, and how he was going to make sure it didn’t happen again. I have full confidence in Injectech, and would not hesitate to recommend their services.”

Elena A.

“Injectech's crew and operations are top notch. They were the only company we found that had the skill and experience to resurface, slope, and seal our concrete patio, which is also our garage roof. The process could not have been smoother, with clear communication, on-schedule arrivals, and professionalism and pride in their work from start to finish. Morgan and his crew went above and beyond to help with additional work after the project was complete. Could not recommend Injectech more highly.”

Christopher N.