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Chemical Grout Injection Services

Injectech fixes most problems commonly associated with residential and commercial concrete such as cracking, leaking, and spalling. See below for a list of all our solutions to meet your needs!

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What We Do

Chemical Grout Injection

Injectech utilizes the latest technology in the field of Chemical Grout Injection. Our high-pressure injection system ensures full coverage of polyurethane grout that will block and prevent any areas of water intrusion.

Concrete Restoration

Injectech has the capability and experience to repair common failures and other problems concerning concrete. This includes the repair and restoration of concrete spalling, cracking, and other modes of failure.

Soil Stabilization

Injectech has the ability to inject polyurethane chemicals within the matrix of the soil in order to prevent collapse and allow for safe excavation of manholes and other related projects.

Concrete Waterproofing

Injectech serves the greater Seattle area with solutions to any and all things related to leaking, cracked, and otherwise compromised watertight integrity of the concrete.

Residential Services

Injectech is a trusted brand that serves homeowners and leasing companies with solutions to leaking basements, flooding basements, and other water intrusion problems in apartment buildings and parking garages.

Basement Waterproofing

Seattle is known for its rain and with rain comes leaks and flooding. Injectech works to repair your home and prevent future water damage. Most jobs are simple to complete and we will be happy to come and assess your home’s repair needs.

Elevator Pit Repair

We at Injectech specialize in Elevator Pit Repair and waterproofing. If you need your lift back in service, the most trusted and efficient way to get your elevator back in working order will be to call us today!

Why Injectech

Technological advancements are giving way in the concrete restoration and waterproofing industry daily. Advanced products are being developed for conventional repairs and new innovative processes are being created for more complex issues.

As a specialty contractor at the forefront of these developments, it is Injectechs pleasure to bring these products and processes to our clients(you) and provide them with the best possible repair solutions for their(your) concrete restoration and waterproofing needs. At Injectech we offer a variety of services to meet these needs. We pride ourselves on our customer service, innovative processes, and designs that our expert staff brings to every project.

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Highest rating for this company and it's president/owner, Morgan Mullin. He contacted me very quickly and arrived promptly to our mutually agreed appointment. His was the only company to come out and give us an estimate. Morgan and his crew arrived when the promised and completed the work completely. After the large volume of rain we have had recently, our basement is still dry. We are very impressed!

Steve M. Kirkland

Very good people and great to work with.

Jay M.

There was dampness on my basement. The building was built in 1940's, and I thought there was a crack in the foundation. I talked to many companies, and some of them even suggested to have a french drain installed along the perimeter of the building. They supposedly think in this way underground water will flow away from the building. It did not make sense for me since none of the house has the wall around them to protect from the underground water. Morgan contacted me in an hour after I filled out the form on Home Advisor and with no time came and checked, and solved the problem. He and David covered the floor with an epoxy. He is very professional and very quick. Because of him without any delay, I completed my renovation

Dement K