Structures Repaired

  • Nordstrom Flagship Store, Downtown Seattle, 2014/2015.  Concrete deck and floor restoration.  Injectech designed and implemented a custom method and system to install self-leveling underlayments at varying elevations over a 60,000 square feet surface.  
  • Nordstrom Rack, Westlake Center, Downtown Seattle, 2012.  Injectech was called in to deal with damage which occurred as a result of water migration into the store space through a 17’H x 120’L x 18” to 22” thick shotcrete wall.  Behind that was the space between the Metro tunnel under 5th Avenue and the building foundation.  We successfully installed a full curtain wall system behind the shotcrete wall with chemical grout injection.
  • Nisqually Reclamation Project, 2014.  Water processing tanks could not pass holding tests due to severe shrinkage and shear cracking.  Multiple attempts were made by other contractors to stop the leaks with crystalline technology and injection.  Then, Injectech was called in and successfully sealed all leakage with chemical grout injection methods, after which the tanks passed their holding tests and function was restored to the reclamation project.
  • Pagoda at Point Defiance, Washington, 2012.  Loose, saturated soil conditions allowed water intrusion into the newly installed subterranean air supply and ventilation system.  Using chemical grout injection, Injectech successfully stopped all water intrusion.
  • Ondine Apartments, Kirkland, WA, 2012/2013.  Multiple points of water intrusion due to settling and shrinkage cracks.  The parking structure, elevator pits, and two occupied spaces under the Plaza deck suffered the worst damage.  Injectech used concrete-penetrating radar and other steel-finding instruments to locate the structural steel, then drilled into the leaking cracks and set HP ports for injecting chemical grout.  Approximately 200 LF of leaking crack was successfully sealed with chemical grout injection.  Both elevator pits were successfully sealed with joint and curtain wall grouting methods.    
  • Juanita Shores, Kirkland, Washington, 2013.  Decades without protection left the parking structure ramp severely damaged.  Corrosion in the steel resulted in spall and delaminate.  Injectech removed 300 square feet of delaminated concrete, cleaned the steel, and treated it with a corrosion neutralizer/inhibitor.  We also replaced the concrete with MMA BASF Degadeck Polymer Concrete patch.  Later, we used both joint and curtain wall chemical injection methods to successfully seal the elevator pit, which had also suffered severe water intrusion.
  • North Kootenai Water and Sewer District, Hayden Lake, Idaho, 2013. Cracking and joint movement had caused severe leaking as well as structural concern in the Hayden Lake potable water concrete reservoir tower.  To prevent down time—which would have meant a loss of water service to the community–and to alleviate the cost of draining and refilling the structure to inject epoxy, Injectech, working with the WSD’s engineer, used chemical grout injection methods to successfully stop all leaks.  We then applied carbon/Kevlar woven straps to stop the structural cracking and reinforcement.