About Injectech LLC

Drilling Concrete

Injectech is a specialty repair contracting firm that provides construction and consulting services to commercial property owners, businesses, and contractors. Our area of expertise is concrete waterproofing, soil stabilization and concrete restoration. We are committed to providing the best value to our clients by developing and implementing innovative processes to solve demanding engineering and design challenges. The President of Injectech Morgan Mullin entered the concrete restoration industry as an epoxy and polyurethane injection technician. Known as equal parts art and science, these structural restoration and water intrusion repair methods are by far the most specialized and challenging services we offer. Coupled with our great expertise and experience in the many facets of concrete restoration and waterproofing, we aspire to be an industry standard among our peers and a revered subject among our clients.

Free, No Commitment, Consultations

Injectech LLC will send out one of our expert staff members to discuss your project needs. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions to the biggest concrete restoration problems.