Our Foundation: Our Values

At Injectech, we understand better than anyone the importance of the right foundation. Strong, stable; built with careful precision, and of the best, purest materials. On a base like that, a structure—or a company—can stand. The following values comprise our foundation; the ground on which we’re built, the materials which keep us standing strong.

  • Injectech will provide the right service for your project—no more, no less, and no mistake. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise, knowing what needs to be done and doing it, with a nearly surgical precision. We will perform the least costly and least intrusive work possible to successfully complete a project.

  • We respect each and every project, each and every client, and we act accordingly. This means respectful, non-intrusive on-site conduct. It also means education: we will always tell you exactly what we are doing, why we are doing it, what all the alternatives were, and why we chose the one we did.

  • At Injectech, we pride ourselves on our technical abilities, getting each job—each detail of each job—right. The first time. We will use the very best tools, materials, and technologies. We will see each job through to absolute completion.